2510H with Dry High-Speed Application with Dry Nutrient Attachment
  • 1 Pass.
  • 2 Nutrient Forms.
  • 3 Seasons.
  • 4R Champion.

Introducing the 2510H High-Speed Applicator with Dry Nutrient Attachment. One high-speed pass is all you need to feed crops when and where they need it most.

Proud partner of 4R Nutrient Stewardship

The new 2510H Dry Applicator supports 4R practices better than any nutrient applicator on the market today.

The right source. Adding dry application means the 2510H with Dry Nutrient Attachment can now apply N, P and K at the same time. You can save up to $5 an acre by combining passes in this way.*

The right time. By adding a six- or nine-ton dry tank to our field-proven 2510H anhydrous bar, the result is a three-season machine with even more capabilities for fall, pre-plant and sidedress applications.

The right place. The 2510H with Dry Nutrient Attachment places nutrients closer to the root zone where they’re more readily available. Incorporate directly into soil to greatly reduce risk of nutrient loss. Accurate placement does pay. Accurate placement can net an extra 20 bushels or more per acre at an equal nutrient rate, according to several university studies.** For 200-bushel corn, research has shown it can increase yields up to 10 percent.

The right rate. The hydraulically driven dry metering system reduces your calibration efforts and can deliver up to 800 lb. per acre at 5 mph (8 km/h). It is also designed with low row-to-row variability, ensuring that the desired nutrient rate is delivered to each row.

High-speed application. At speeds up to 10 mph (16 km/h), the new 2510H with Dry Nutrient Attachment is significantly more productive than alternative banding solutions on the market today.

The fully integrated applicator you expect.

36 in. (914 mm) underframe clearance. This allows you to use the 2510H High-Speed Applicator with Dry Nutrient Attachment option for three seasons. Three-season application (fall, spring, sidedress) delivers a 33% increase in equipment asset utilization over a two-season machine.

Smooth-riding performance. You’ll glide over rough terrain, thanks to the large 380 tires that support the tank and rear frame and the two front gauge wheels that evenly distribute machine weight. The front gauge wheels deliver more flotation in soft conditions.

Banding application can save fertilizer. When using a banding application, the 2510H with Dry Nutrient Attachment places fertilizer precisely where plants can more efficiently use it. Studies from Ohio State and Purdue Universities have shown you can use less fertilizer to achieve the same or higher yields when nutrients are applied at the right time and in the right place for maximum plant uptake.

Low soil disturbance. The low disturbance row unit of the 2510H with Dry Nutrient Attachment is designed to handle high-residue levels without plugging. Plus, you can sidedress with minimal soil disturbance without damaging plants.

The all-new, all-in-one 2510H High-Speed Applicator with Dry Nutrient Attachment is the fully integrated solution you expect from the leader. See your John Deere dealer today for details.

* Iowa State University 2014 Custom Application Rates Survey
** Source: Studies and field trials from the University of Nebraska, University of Kansas, University of Iowa, University of Illinois and Ohio State University

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