MS23 Series Side-Discharge Manure Spreaders
  • Variable auger speed, tandem axles and PTO-driven
  • Uniform spread pattern up to 30-ft.
  • Poly lined tank prevents material buildup
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TD24 Series Hay Tedders
  • Adjustable ground clearance
  • Balloon tires provide smooth operation
  • Flexible steel tines
  • Fully enclosed gearbox
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FP22 Series Food-Plot Seeders
  • Adjustable scatter plates
  • Dual-use cultipacker
  • Disk angle adjustment
  • Field-installed S-tine toolbar kit
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SS30B Series Broadcast Spreaders
  • PTO-driven broadcast spreader
  • Hopper cover field conversion kits
  • Hopper-enhanced technology ensures long life
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RC13 Series Row-Crop Rotary Tillers
  • Choose the best depth control for you
  • Hydraulically controlled cage rollers
  • Easy tailgate adjustments for a variety of results
  • Double springs provide tailgate control
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SS20B Series Broadcast Spreaders
  • Hopper-enhanced technology
  • PTO-driven broadcast spreaders
  • Swath control levers
  • Field-installed agitator kits
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PC10 Series Field Cultivators
  • Hitch compatible with iMatch™
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Replaceable and adjustable tines
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TD13 Series Hay Tedders
  • Digidrive ensures maximum life
  • Adjustable rotor
  • Durable Steel tines
  • Balloon tires operates smoothly on bumpy ground
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AY11 4-in-1 Buckets
  • Strong frame for added durability
  • Quick and easy attachment
  • Serrated edge for secure movement
  • Strong hinges for increased life
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LW12 Series In-Line Bale Wrapper
  • Bale push is integrated into machine
  • Quick-start power jack for LW1266 Bale Wrappers
  • Light kit for bale wrapper
  • Guide rollers conversion kit
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AE11 Free-Stall Scrapers
  • Attachment carrier
  • Rubber edge
  • Optional bolt-on back
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SW21 Rotary Brooms
  • Angling degree range
  • Brush diameter is 32 inches for big jobs
  • Optional dust suppression system
  • Optional gauge wheel kit for setting height
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CS13 Series Conservation Seeders
  • Seed metering cups
  • Fertilizer box field conversion kit
  • Seed box field attachment kits
  • Rear cultipacker scraper kits
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BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills
  • Seed/fertilizer meter drive system
  • Half-speed drive
  • Field-installed agitator kits
  • Grass seed box field attachment kits
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LP12 Series Land Planes
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Scarifier kit
  • Scarifier shanks for ripping up hard ground
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LL13 Series Drawn Box Scrapers
  • Grading blade
  • Optional hydraulic scarifier
  • Optional rolling basket
  • Optional smooth drum roller
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LL12 Series Drawn Box Scrapers
  • Adjustable clevis hitch
  • Hydraulically controlled
  • Internal braces and reinforcements
  • Side cutters
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LL11 Series Drawn Box Scrapers
  • Grading blade creates a cutting action
  • Hydraulically control
  • Manually adjusted scarifier
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HP21 Power Pack
  • Thermal switch to protect hydraulic system
  • Fast and easy connections
  • Optional oil cooler unit
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GM21 Series Grooming Mowers
  • Rugged gearbox
  • Quick and easy height adjustments
  • Quality cut
  • Deck design
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