1910 Tow-Behind Air Commodity Cart


Image of tractor in field New Air Power 2
The AirPower 2 dual fan option on the 1910 Air Cart consistently delivers 550 pounds of total product per acre across the full width of the tool using two independently controlled large fans versus our current system that only offers a single, smaller fan. So with double the fans and the the increased fan size, you have additional power to push product more accurately without having to tax your RPM's. It's even better on slopes when you really need that extra muscle to maintain good product flow. Plus, it's cast aluminum, which means you get longer fan life for greater productivity.
Image of the single-shoot and double-shoot primary manifolds Single-shoot and double-shoot primary manifolds
With the 1910, you have a choice of using single-shoot or double-shoot primary manifolds. The single-shoot system lets you apply starter fertilizer with the seed, while the double-shoot system allows simultaneous application of both inputs, but at different locations in the seed row.
Closeup of the SeedStar TM 2 Monitoring System display SeedStar TM 2 Monitoring System
The SeedStar 2 system, with its full-color monitor, lets you easily keep track of multiple critical cart functions. Plus, the same monitor no displays all for your AMS applications.

Image of four different Metering Cartridges Metering Cartridges
Four color-coded meter cartridge options are available to help you achieve your target seeding rates. Possible seeding rates range from 2 lbs/acre to 265 lbs/acre.
Closeup of the Metering System Metering System
Our simple volumetric seeding system is the most accurate in the industry. An integrated half-width disconnect offers additional seed savings and convenience.
Closeup of the Air Distribution System Air Distribution System
Efficient straight-through airflow lets you single- or double-shoot with only one fan. The large, 17.6-inch diameter fan provides enough air volume to reach 500 lbs/acre. This high-volume airflow at lower speeds minimizes seed damage.

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Let's find out. With our convenient savings calculator, you can analyze the savings potential for your crops using key input variables, such as crop type, acres of each crop, seeding or fertilizer rate-per-acre, and seed or fertilizer price-per-pound. Get a more accurate understanding of how SectionCommand can work in your operation.
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