2330 Mulch Finisher

The next level of performance in heavy residue. Right away, you can see the difference. The fully redesigned 2330 Mulch Finisher delivers aggressive cutting action to size up to 80% residue and minimal ridging in your fields. The result: a smooth, level seedbed profile ideal for enhanced seed placement and germination.

Redesigned durable frame. Right away, you'll see the frame has been enhanced from front to back, including the mainframe fore-aft tube. One spring pass lets you slice and mix surface residue, root out weeds, and till and level the soil – saving you time and labor expenses.

Wider shank spacing helps leave smooth, level seedbed. The true 9-in. (23-cm) spacing provides more space for residue to flow and minimizes plugging.

Add TruSet™ for enhanced functionality. Fully integrated TruSet™ technology can help you make on-the-go depth and down pressure adjustments from inside the cab in only six seconds – available only from John Deere.

For integrated precision ag functionality, TruSet now enables tillage Documentation and Prescription capabilities. With TruSet, you can run a tillage prescription to optimize your implement for different field zones and types of soil as well as adjust on-the-go for changing conditions. Integrated TruSet technology helps you achieve the best possible seedbed throughout the field all day long. You can also use TruSet on your non-green tractors. Just ask for our compatibility kit.

ProFinish™ Leveling System offers more harrow choices than before. All are compatible with all configurations for the planter-ready field finish you need: 3-bar coil-tine harrow with round-bar rolling basket, 4-bar spike-tooth harrow with round-bar rolling basket, 3-bar coil-tine harrow with flat-bar rolling basket, 4-bar spike-tooth harrow with flat-bar rolling basket, 5-bar coil-tine harrow, and 6-bar spike-tooth harrow.

Control the rolling basket options right from your cab. Choose from round or flat bars. Both are ideal for slicing clods and mixing residue, leaving the finer soil particles in the seed zone to help deliver higher seed germination. It’s easy to operate from the cab – just hydraulically raise, lower or float baskets as your field and soil conditions change.

  • Category: Tillage