2330 Mulch Finisher
  • 25 ft. 6 in. (7.8 m) to 69 ft. 6 in. (21.2 m) working widths
  • Updated frame design
  • Excellent residue-handling capabilities
  • Available with rolling baskets
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2230 Floating Hitch Field Cultivator
  • 25’6” (7.8 m) to 69’6” wide (21.2 m) working widths
  • Follows ground contour, stays level
  • Updated lattice-style frame design
  • Available with rolling baskets
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2230 Level-lift™ Field Cultivator
  • 23’6” (7.2 m) to 60’6” wide (18.4 m) working widths
  • Better suited for rolling terrain
  • Updated lattice-style frame design
  • Five-section choices
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2100 Minimum Till Ripper
  • Variety of working widths available
  • Mainframe extensions
  • Setback brackets for staggered standard pattern
  • 3/4-in. straight shear-bolt standard minimizes soil and residue disturbance
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2410 Chisel Plow
  • Variety of models and sizes available
  • Precise and accurate depth control
  • Exclusive AccuDepth™ system
  • Excellent residue-handling capability
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610 Integral Chisel Plow
  • Offers a variety of sizes
  • Implement warning lights enable safe transport
  • Shovels and attaching hardware
  • Sweeps and attaching hardware
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2623 Three- and Five-Section Tandem Disks
  • Perfect for medium to heavy soils, seedbed prep, residue sizing/incorporation
  • Ten widths from 20'9" to 49'3"
  • Easy-to-tension 2-in. gang bolts
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2730 Combination Ripper
  • Working widths up to 26-ft. (7.9 m)
  • Customizable residue management
  • Superior residue flow
  • Preferred field finish
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915 V-Ripper
  • Excellent residue-handling capability
  • Integral hitch provides excellent maneuverability
  • Single or dual gauge wheels available
  • Coulter blades slice through surface residue
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22B Integral Ripper
  • Regular and capped ripper points
  • LaserRip™ Extreme points
  • Mole ball is used to make a tunnel drainage system
  • Heavy-duty knife
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670 Series Single Offset Disks
  • Combination or rigid scrapers available
  • Strong frame design to resist torsional forces
  • Crank leveling to achieve a level disking job
  • Choice of hitch-angling adjustment
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2625 Three-Section Tandem Disks for Primary Tillage
  • Perfect for heavy soils, residue sizing/incorporation
  • Five widths from 23'7" to 40'8"
  • Easy-to-tension 2-in. gang bolts
  • Hydraulic fore/aft leveling
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2620 Three- and Five-Section Tandem Disks
  • Perfect for light to medium soils, seedbed prep
  • Ten widths from 20'9" to 49'3"
  • Easy-to-tension 2-in. gang bolts
  • Hydraulic fore/aft leveling
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225 Offset Disk
  • Hitch can be set to meet disking needs
  • Choice of disk blades provided
  • Gang wrenches come as base equipment
  • One-piece welded mainframe
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425 Offset Disk
  • Offset Disks provide reliable strength
  • Heavy-duty disk gangs and gang bearings
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2720 Disk Ripper for Primary Tillage
  • Bury residue to 15-in. (38.1 cm) depths
  • Improved residue flow in wet conditions
  • The most level soil profile from a ripper
  • Exclusive hydraulic rolling basket option
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3710 Moldboard Plow
  • High clearance handles heavy residue levels
  • Coulter mounting arms
  • Operator's manual storage container
  • Shear-bolt coulters suited for areas without rocks
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  • Adjust depth in six seconds on the go
  • In-cab control of each functional area
  • 1/10th-in. (2.5-mm) accuracy
  • Expanded tractor compatibility
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2310 Mulch Finisher
  • Hitch storage and safety features
  • Quick and simple wing-leveling adjustments
  • Maintenance-free bearings increase productivity
  • Heavy-duty implement tires come as base equipment
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995 Reversible Plow
  • Moldboard frame pivots with the bottoms
  • Plastic moldboard and steel shins
  • Landsides with wedges
  • Front gauge wheels
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