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AquaSpyWHAT IS AquaSpy®?
Finally, an affordable solution with data that is simple and easy to understand.  The system is highly accurate providing 12 sensors in the 48" probe.  Not only collecting moisture data, but also temperature and EC to help gauge fertilizer movement.  All backed by American Implement to help make sure you get the most out of your investment.

 - $700 for Comm-Tower and Probe, per system
 -*$600/year for subscription*Installation and Extraction completed at the American Implement Service Rate
Includes Installation and Extraction
*Subscription and Lease run January 1 – December 31
CDMA (Verizon) or GSM (AT&T & Viaero) cell service enabled

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American Integration

What is American Integration?

 A tool made specifically for producers to help make informed decisions about their entire farming operation.

American Integration OfferS:

Record Keeping
Precision Farming
Equipment Integration
Agronomic Insights
Inventory Management
Financial Reporting
Management Zones
Satellite Imagery

American Integration investment

Package Pricing Available Based on Experience

Base Package: $2,295
Portal Access
Self-managed account
+ 1 hr phone support

Tier 1: $2,595
Portal Access
2 hrs on-site set-up support
+ 1 hr phone support

Tier 2: $2,995
Portal Access
2 hrs on-site set-up support
+ 4 hrs phone support

Tier 3: $3,595
Portal Access
4 hrs on-site set-up support
+ 10 hrs phone support

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JDLink Connected Support OfferIs Your Machine JDLink™ Enabled & Expired?
3 Years JDLink™ Access + RDA on expired or expiring MTG 3G Terminals.
*Additional Options for 2G & Purchase of Expanded JDLink Connect Available. Some restrictions apply.
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