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Johnny Pop Popcorn

Posted On 22 August 2017


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$2,500.00 Awarded to the Stevens County Fire Department

Posted On 28 July 2017

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The Stevens County Fire Department was awarded a $2,500.00 donation from Talc USA, Wheeler Farms and American Implement. Lee and Lewis Wheeler of Wheeler Farms were in for a big surprise when employee, Mike Hooker opened their new bucket of Talc USA, purchased from American Implement. Inside was a green cup with a gold engraved placard congratulating him on winning their Green Cup Promotion and instructing him to return the cup to the point of purchase.

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Posted On 17 July 2017


American Implement's online store is officially OPEN! Our goal is to offer you, a safe, clean, easy to use website where you can find merchandise, toys, repair parts, filters, etc… hundreds of items at your fingertips. This option would work very well for our customers that live in remote parts of the High Plains and would prefer items shipped directly to their home. Or the customer that would appreciate the convenience of shopping from home with the reliability of quick delivery to their house or workshop. In our website, you can search by product description, item name or Part number also the Vendor of the product. For example, you can search toys by the scale or size of the toy so you are sure to get the correct item for that special someone.

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Soil Spotlight

Posted On 7 July 2017

soil spotlight july

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