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Happy Earth Day!

Posted by Kelley Baker on 22 April 2017

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Farmers know all too well the importance of being good stewards to the planet’s natural resources. From the soil to water to wildlife, farmers care and protect these natural resources as they are a direct link to their livelihood and the food that they produce for the world. Poor soil and water quality would not be beneficial to the farmer and feeding our families.


Through new practices and technologies, farmers are able to use less chemicals while maintaining a high level of soil health. Through conservation tillage, grass waterways, growing cover crops and using applications that show the exact location and amount of chemicals to use have boosted the fertility of the soil. These practices also benefit our water system that is used every day for drinking, watering of crops and animals, plus providing habitat for wildlife, such as buffer strips and reducing tillage.


Day in and day out, farmers care for and protect the land, water and wildlife that have been a part of their family farms and through being good stewards, the future generation will see the bounty of the Earth’s natural resources.


So, today, more than ever - Thank a farmer!


Happy Earth Day.

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