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In July, John Deere launched a competition to help recognize the best of the best technicians across the country. Each dealership had the opportunity to highlight and nominate a technician who met the qualifications set for the competition. American Implement was proud to have several of our outstanding technicians that met these qualifications and narrowing down to a single nomination was a difficult choice.

Jake Kerbo, a 6-year Level 5 (American Implement's highest level) Technician, from our Elkhart location was selected as American Implement's nominee. Submissions were due in September, then a blind peer-dealership and John Deere field team evaluation process took place. Of the approximate 160 dealership nominees there were 98 territory winners selected, then a final, prestigious group of 11 divisional winners were determined. We were thrilled to learn that Jake was not only the territory winner, but also the divisional winner which spans the four-state area of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado! There are several outstanding John Deere dealerships serving the highly successful producers within our division and therefore the caliber of technicians throughout this division is also just as impressive and Jake rose to the top!

As part of Jake's nomination, his response to when he was asked why he was passionate about being a John Deere technician was, "Being a technician can be a challenging and rewarding experience and my goal is to push every day to be better and raise the standard... Every day I utilize skills in ways that can positively impact someone’s life." He was highly praised by several customer testimonials as well who spoke positively of not only Jake's technical skills, but also his customer service skills and how beneficial he has been to their operations!

While this program is only recognizing the individual technicians and their accomplishments and contributions to the industry, we feel this is also a great honor and recognizes American Implement's Service Department as a collective. The standards our technicians and service support/management team hold themselves to in order to best serve our customers is world-class. They are constantly pushing themselves to keep up with the technology needed to be at the top of their games as well as driving themselves to overcome the challenging demands such as long hours and tough conditions to help our customers. 

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