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New John Deere Certified Technician Training

John Deere has always prided itself on developing and offering quality technical training for John Deere dealership technicians to further develop their skills to better serve their customers through John Deere University (JDU). American Implement has strived to meet and surpass training goals and standards when they are introduced from John Deere.

Recently in mid-August, the latest learning paths introduced included three different levels for a technician to become a “John Deere Certified Technician.” These three levels build upon each other to cover the various foundational areas of technical training: electrical, diagnostic processes, hydraulics, drivetrain, and extensive engine training among other topics. In total, these three learning paths add up to be 56 different learning items – either web-based trainings, assessments, live virtual classes or in-person classes.

American Implement views training for technicians not only a necessary part in how we can best take care of our customers, but also as a key development and retention tool for our technicians to continue to grow and learn as they progress throughout their careers. We are extremely proud to have sent 10 technicians from across our locations to the highest level of engine training offered by John Deere – a four-day, hands-on capstone course in Wichita. There are now 20 technicians who have completed this training throughout the enterprise. This capstone is above and beyond what Deere requires for their John Deere Certified Technicians, but we see it as not only dedication to our technicians for their advancement but dedication to best serve our customers when they need help the most during a breakdown.

As a whole - the Service Departments collectively throughout American Implement have completed over 5,000 JDU credits over the past 12 months! Continuous education and learning is vital to most careers, but especially being a John Deere Technician and we're proud to have some of the best!

Another reason American Implement Service Technicians are the BEST in the industry; training and dedication.

American Implement is currently seeking more top-notch Technicians to join our team.
To learn about our Ag TECH Apprenticeship Program click HERE.
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