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As of November 17, 2022, American Implement became the first John Deere dealership in Kansas to enhance our Ag Tech Program into a Registered Apprenticeship Program with the State of Kansas. This will be an opportunity at our 16 locations for current and future Ag Tech students as well as any current technician who wants to pursue their nationally recognized journey worker certificate through this program.

Photo Left to Right: Jessie Ruiz - American Implement Recruiter, Gabe Winger - Director of John Deere Tech Garden City Community College, Tony Meier - John Deere Territory Customer Service Manager, Amy Freouf - American Implement Director of Human Resources, Scott Ellsworth - JFF (Federal/State Apprenticeship Consultant) & Robert Webb - American Implement Director of Service

American Implement has been participating in the John Deere Ag Tech program for several years where we sponsor students and offer substantial scholarships each year to community colleges with official John Deere programs or other local diesel programs. Now as a registered apprenticeship, additional mentoring, recorded work experiences and skillset evaluations are being added to that curriculum. Those who successfully complete the program will receive certificates as Journey Workers through the Kansas Department of Labor.

Future Ag Tech students will be able to start interning with American Implement as young as the age of 16, instead of 18, allowing them to be hands-on sooner to better determine if this is their desired career choice. Current Ag Tech students will be automatically enrolled into the program. Any current technician or former graduate of the Ag Tech program will have the opportunity to have their skillsets evaluated and a developmental plan put in place for any missing pieces needed to complete the program.

We are excited to be offering this opportunity to further develop a core group of our employees! 

American Implement is actively seeking motivated junior and senior level high school students to apply and attend a John Deere Ag Tech Program. This unique opportunity will not only give the individual the technical training needed, but hands-on training to be a successful John Deere technician at American Implement.
To learn about our Ag TECH Apprenticeship Program click HERE.
To apply click HERE.