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My Mom used to claim she had ‘eyes in the back of her head,’ when I was shocked how she knew I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to do behind her back. Visibility is key when operating a large piece of equipment efficiently and safely and I’m sure any operator would appreciate extra ‘eyes’ around their machine. That is exactly what Cab Cam can offer! It’s an aftermarket solution that can place a camera, or multiple cameras, in areas of your equipment you’d like access to.

Cab Cam offers a range of affordable models that can either be hardwired into the machines’ can bus system, making the image visible on the display and use the machine for its power source, or are battery operated and utilize a Wi-Fi network with the operator’s smartphone to view the image. With these models, the opportunities are truly endless:

  • Back-up camera view
  • Hitch view
  • Specific application on your implement
  • Spray pattern on your boom
  • Monitor grain tanks

One of American Implement’s Parts Sales Representatives, Bryan Bogart, from our Montezuma location shows a combine with FOUR cameras hooked up and talks about how they work in this video!


Where else do you think a camera (or extra set of eyes) would be useful on your equipment on your operation?

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