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The Summer issue of The Leader, a John Deere dealership publication, featured American Implement alongside another prominent John Deere dealership on the front page discussing the importance and amazing benefits of Connected Support and how it is driving customer satisfaction.

American Implement’s Service Departments are striving to make service more efficient. Even potentially predicting a break-down and preventing it before it happens. No – our service teams aren’t looking into crystal balls or using magic 8 balls to do this. Technology and data through tools like Expert Alerts make this possible. These tools are driven by ‘staying connected’ with producers’ equipment.

By sharing machine data through John Deere’s JDLink feature with your local service department, you’re enabling visibility to overall machine health, operations, and trouble-shooting capabilities such as Remote Display Access (RDA). Certain patterns can be analyzed to predict an issue before it happens, diagnostic trouble codes can be viewed by a technician prior to a field service call so they are better prepared upon arrival and potentially even have the issue pre-diagnosed. Equipment hasn’t just physically gotten bigger and offer new physical features, but it’s gotten smarter too including serviceability technology.

The article features a couple of key team-members of American Implement’s Connected Support group, John Meinert, Connected Support Specialist, and Robert Webb, Director of Service. John specifically helps from a centralized perspective driving the use of this technology and making sure our service departments are optimizing and utilizing these tools to their best capabilities. Robert summed up the overall benefits of being connected as, “The bottom line is that it opened opportunities and enhanced the performance of our aftermarket teams.”

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