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Now is the best time to take a deep dive into your fall harvest yields and better understand what helped and potentially what harmed your results throughout the year in order to make the best decisions possible going into the 2023 season! Operations Center is a FREE tool offered by John Deere to host your operation’s data that features tools to help organize, analyze and keep track of what is happening on your farm. 

No matter the size of your operation, this tool will help you track, and record data related to all your major applications on the farm: tillage, planting, seeding, spraying, and harvest data year after year and be able to connect and share this data with your trusted partners to help advise you on the next best steps to make you more efficient and profitable.

Last fall, we caught up with our friends at Tim Dewey’s Farm in Cimarron, KS who use Operations Center extensively to stay efficient and ‘smart’ around the farm. Check out what they had to say about how they used Operations Center and the benefits they’ve gained from doing so.

Not sure where or how to get started? Contact your local American Implement Precision Ag Specialist to get your account set up and going!

Precision Ag Hotline: (620) 400-4265