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Compact tractors come in a variety of sizes and strengths, with some being suitable for lawn maintenance and some being powerful enough for commercial duties. The John Deere 3038E falls somewhere in between, being able to handle jobs that are too small for standard equipment and too daunting for human strength to tame it. If you’re a new owner of this handy tractor or thinking about purchasing it, keep reading to learn more about its capabilities, functions, and even maintenance. We’ve answered every question you have below.

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How much horsepower does the 3038E have?

The 3038E has the most power and strength of the John Deere 3 Series family with 37 HP and 30 PTO power. That’s enough to last a whole day in the field and carry out demanding tasks.

What can you do with the 3038E?

The John Deere 3038E was made to be a team player in nearly every aspect of the field. With a lift capacity of 1356 lbs, it can lift heavy objects and materials such as tree logs, soil, and rocks. It’s also not afraid of getting dirty, being a great instrument for digging, breaking up soil, or spreading seed and fertilizer. Other tasks you can do with the 3038E include:


Grading and Leveling



Spreading manure

Cleaning up debris

Laying down seed

Snow Removal

And more

What are the specs on the 3038E?

We discussed some key specs in earlier sections but let’s go over a quick recap along with other important specs to note:

Engine Horsepower: 37 HP

PTO Power: 30 HP

Engine Type: Diesel

Transmission: Hydrostatic - 2-range

Lift Capacity: 1356 lbs

Wheelbase: 62.7 in

Hitch Type: Category 1

Crusie Control: Optional

Troubleshooting with the 3038E

The John Deere 3038E is a fine tractor, but every tractor has its hiccups every once in a while. The good news is that for the most part, common issues have a simple fix. Maintaining your tractor can help avoid some of these mishaps and lead to more longevity in your tractor. Let’s explore some issues operators can run into with their 3038E and how you can keep in tip shop shape.

What kind of oil does the 3038E take?

It’s always important to get the correct type of oil for your tractor when it’s time to perform maintenance. For the John Deere 3038E, the type of oil you’ll need is the 15W40 John Deere Plus 50 II engine oil.

Why won’t my 3038E engine start?

The sound of your engine not starting might cause your stomach to drop for a split second but don’t panic. If it’s cold outside, the cause could be your engine being not properly warmed up. Another case your engine isn’t starting is a clogged fuel filter. This can be solved by simply cleaning the filter or replacing it if needed. If none of these problems are the cause then it’s most likely due to your fuel injection pump timing. To fix this issue you’ll want to set the fuel injection pump timing again according to your engine type and age.

Why is my hydraulic system overheating?

Some users have reported issues with their 3038E hydraulic system overheating. This is most likely due to a problem with the hydraulic oil. Your oil could be too low or too high or just the wrong type of oil for your tractor. To avoid this problem, look at your owner’s manual for the right type of oil and keep an eye on your oil levels.

How do I fix a transmission problem with my tractor?

There are a couple of issues you can run into with the transmission of the 3038E. One problem users have faced is a noisy transmission. This is due to the speed control linkage being broken or misplaced. You can fix this by inspecting the linkage and adjusting it as needed or replacing it.

The transmission has also been known to overheat. This happens when the transmission fluid filter becomes clogged or if you need more fluid in your system. If it is clogged, replace or service your transmission fluid filter. If it is low, add fluid to the gearbox housing.

How often should I replace my tractor parts?

You can avoid many of these problems by keeping good maintenance on your tractor and replacing parts as needed. Here is a list of how often you should replace major parts in your tractor for smooth operation.

Hydraulic Oil Filter: every 400 hours

Transmission Oil Filter: every 400 hours

Engine Air Filters: every 600 hours

Engine Oil Filter: every 200 hours

Engine Fuel Filter: every 400 hours or annually

Engine Oil: every 200 hours

The John Deere 3038E offers strength and stamina to help the user with many tasks around their property. But just like any other tractor, it requires care to give the best performance. If you have any other questions about the 3038E contact us or an expert opinion.

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