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Want the latest and greatest technology for your planters and sprayers? Or even wish you had that really cool feature like hydraulic downforce on your planter or individual nozzle control for your sprayer without having to buy a new or at least ‘new to you’ piece of equipment? John Deere is now offering several Performance Upgrade Kits (PUK’s) to do just that.

Let’s talk planters first. Whether it is an individual row-unit feature you’re interested in or wanting to upgrade and transform your entire planter up to an electric drive 5E or ExactEmerge Planter, there are several different packages and customizations available. This can be an economical option for you to achieve the agronomic benefits of a higher-spec’d planter. While you’re going through your planter this winter and replacing wear parts, this could be great time to consider upgrading your equipment with a PUK!

You could benefit from a sprayer makeover as well to become more efficient and cost-effective. Investing in a PUK for your sprayer, you can reduce your input costs by utilizing ExactApply, Individual Nozzle Control Pro (and Individual Nozzle Control heavy duty), and Pressure Recirculation/Product Reclaim technologies. Not to mention potential lighting packages that can help keep you alert while running into the late nighttime hours.

Intrigued? Learn more on the John Deere website and contact your local American Implement Sales Representative to start the conversation of what your operation’s goals are and if a Performance Upgrade Kit could help you obtain them! 

Unlock the full potential of your existing equipment with a performance upgrade.