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Welcome to the American Implement Blog: THE DEALER CONNECT – glad you stopped by. The goal of this blog is to fill in our customers about what’s happening around AI; Equipment, Parts, Service, Precision Ag, and expanding into what’s happening in agriculture in general. We’re eager to share with you and stay connected. Please feel free to leave comments and join in on the conversation.


American Implement, alongside John Deere, has been striving to develop tools, processes and our people over the past decade to keep up with “the times” and the needs of more advanced equipment and producers’ operations. In an age where people are used to and expect instant, or at least quick responses and information (thanks to smartphones and Google), the way service is delivered had to keep up. Also considering the technology advancements in the machinery, the need for more precision agriculture to produce more with less, the way service is delivered really had to keep up. John Deere and American Implement’s response is the “Connected Support” strategy.

This strategy will look a little different at each John Deere dealership. While utilizing some of the same tools and resources, American Implement has truly embraced this wave of change to not only adopt the needed resources but have created a team with new positions and morphed our existing strong service team to work even more cohesively and efficiently as possible. American Implement’s Connect Support Strategy is built with the following pieces:

-         ExpertConnect
-         ExpertAlerts
-         Technical Communicator Team

ExpertConnect and ExpertAlerts are tools that utilize the connectivity and telematics communication technology (JDLink, Operations Center, Remote Display Access to name a few) in John Deere equipment. These tools allow service team members to grasp a better understanding directly from the equipment and the customer’s input without having to leave the office or shop. Potentially diagnostics can be done virtually as well as predicting potential breakdowns before they even happen. The ultimate goal is to make faster and more accurate repairs with the increased speed of communication between the customer, machine and service team. Check out this customer testimonial and how American Implement’s Connected Support Strategy helped them resolve their issue quickly:

More than just tools are needed to pull this strategy off – the right people need to be in place and their communication has to be excellent. All this great new technology would be useless if it weren’t being implemented by people! American Implement not only has key roles and positions put into place to support the Connected Support Strategy, but we have also pooled the knowledge of the entire existing service team. For example, more than likely it’ll be your local American Implement service team physically doing the repair but they could have been assisted by product specialists throughout the enterprise. These specialists, along with highly experienced leadership (think of a quarterback and coach combined) compose the Technical Communicator Team.

The common thread and theme throughout this strategy is connection: connection between customer and service department; connection between machine and service department; and connection among American Implement’s entire service organization all capitalizing on the right tools, resources, and people to establish those connections. If you’d like to establish a stronger connection with your service work, give your local American Implement service department a call and see how the Connected Support strategy can be leveraged to your benefit.

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