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We know your tractor is the backbone of your operation so selecting the right one is an important task. But that task is easier said than done when seeing all of the available options. We created this guide to make the process of finding the right tractor for your farming needs simpler. Ask yourself the following questions when choosing your tractor for the best outcome.

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How much land do I have?

Before anything else, it is important to consider the amount of land you have to fulfill your farming needs. If you have anywhere from 3-10 acres, the best option for you is most likely a compact tractor. Compact tractors are small enough not to be overbearing on a couple of acres but still strong enough to carry out tasks needed to maintain your property. The 1-4 Series consists of a range of compact tractors that can meet your needs.

If you have land above 10 acres, consider a tractor that takes up more space. We recommend the 4 Series heavy-duty compact tractors or the 5 and 6 Series utility tractors. These will cover more land in less time.

What type of projects am I working on?

What you plan to do with your equipment plays a major role in the type of equipment you should get. If you are looking for a tractor to make your lawn look pretty for the spring and maybe help out with some light landscaping work, you should consider a 1-2 series compact tractor. These are a few steps above lawn tractors and made to complete additional light to moderate chores they are not able to do.

If you are a hobby farmer, tending to crops or managing a small flock of livestock, you’ll need something small but with more weight and strength. The 3 Series and 4 Series can do the job. These tractors are made to take on more challenging landscaping and small farming chores.

For farmers and property owners working on large plots of land to produce crops, handle livestock, or maintain a for-profit operation, your best choice is a mid-size or utility tractor which includes the 5 and 6 Series tractors. These tractors are designed to put in more hours in the field, which is needed for busy workers and farmers.

How much horsepower do I need?

It's great to have a gauge on how much horsepower you will need for the daily tasks you have to complete. Horsepower should determine how your tractor works on certain terrain, how much land it can cover, and how much you can do with your tractor. The more horsepower you have the more you can accomplish. A compact tractor with 25 - 30 HP can carry out basic land maintenance tasks and seasonal work that doesn’t require much power, such as mowing, cutting, and tilling. Tractors with 30 - 55 HP can cover more land and power through challenging terrain. Tractors with horsepower from 60- 250 HP are made to cover large areas of land faster and pull heavier implements allowing them to carry out heavy-duty tasks.

How much storage space do I have?

Whatever tractor you decide to get will be an investment. So keep in mind that you will need a space available to protect your investment from weather elements and debris while off the field. A major advantage of owning compact tractors is their ability to fit in small spaces. The 1, 2, and 3 Series tractors can easily be stored in a garage for safekeeping. If you have a bigger space such as a shed or a barn, you can store the larger models of the 4, 5, and 6 Series tractors.

Once you answer all of these questions, you should be able to narrow down the number of options best suited for your operation. When you discover what you need, don’t hesitate to check out our inventory and request a quote. If you have any additional questions contact us or visit your nearest American Implement dealer.

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