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If you care about the lifespan of your equipment, it is important to invest time and money into maintaining it. Tractors are meant to last for many years and many hours but that is only if you are taking proper care of your equipment. This requires more than taking it in for an annual service. To keep your equipment up and running for the long haul there are some things you must do routinely to keep it in good shape. Here is a list of several tips that will help keep your tractor in good condition.

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Read The Owner's Manual

You can never go wrong with sticking to the basics. Not every tractor is the same. Reading your owner’s manual is the best way to learn how to properly care for your specific equipment. There are so many points in caring for a tractor that it is nearly impossible to remember every detail. The owner’s manual always provides guidance and a reminder for things you might have glossed over.

Clean Your Tractor

We know hard work requires your tractor to get pretty dirty but that doesn’t mean you should keep it that way. Keeping your tractor clean not only keeps it pretty but also prevents dirt and debris from getting to important areas like the engine. It will also be easier to spot any problems such as leaks or cracks when your tractor is clean. It is recommended that you should powerwash your tractor at least once a week.

Check-in with your Radiator

Just like you should keep your tractor clean, your radiator needs to be cleaned too. The radiator is essentially how your tractor’s engine dissipates heat. So you want to make sure that the screens avoid getting clogged to avoid your engine overheating or worse.

Check Your Tires

After logging long days in a rugged field, it is important to check your tires to make sure there are no tears, cracks, or leaks. After a visual inspection, check your tire pressure and make sure it’s all filled up. This is something you should check regularly.

Keep Grease Points Lubricated

Monitor your oil levels and grease points routinely to keep everything running smoothly. This will reduce any corrosion or friction. It is also important to remember to not mix grease formulations. This will do more harm than good, causing the mixture to harden and not release oil or soften and release too much oil, leading to leaks.

Store Away Your Tractor

If you can, make sure you store away your tractor in a proper environment to shield it from weather elements. Unnecessary wind, sun, or precipitation cause damage over time, giving your equipment a shorter lifespan.

If you follow these tips, you can prevent many potential problems that could harm your equipment. You will also ensure that your equipment gives its best performance for years to come. 

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