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Have you ever worked with someone or talked with someone who just wasn’t on the same page as you? Maybe not even the same chapter or book? Often times that can simply be because you’re both not seeing or working with the same information or you don’t have a way to effectively communicate the information needed. With so many moving pieces (literally) on farming operations today unfortunately, this could be the scenario when trying to repair a piece of equipment. The customer not knowing what information to relay or incorrectly relaying it to the service department, the service department trying to understand the issue through the customer’s interpretation and perspective. This all can lead to wires being crossed and ultimately a prolonged solution when time is critical!

Solution - ExpertConnect

One of the more recent additions to the overall Connected Support strategy, this John Deere created platform and tool simply put, drives efficiency. It allows the customer, the service department, the broader dealership service team and even John Deere if needed to be on the same page throughout the entire repair process. Let’s break it down a little bit further:

-        ExpertConnect is a single hub for communication and documentation with all parties even via pictures and video chats.

-        A team versus one individual is waiting to get started on a customer issue, giving customers a faster response.

-        Once a ticket is opened – it can be visible to the entire service team across the enterprise, not just one location.

-        ExpertConnect can integrate into other John Deere tools as needed for further diagnostics.

-        Customers give feedback after each session to provide input to improve customer satisfaction.

-        Solutions are then recorded and stored for future reference.

No more missed phone calls, assumptions or hunches on symptoms, lost messages or sticky notes or duplicating the same work as another team member – ExpertConnect keeps everyone on the same page and on track towards an efficient solution while helping the dealership with continuous improvement opportunities on how to best serve their customers. Ask your local American Implement service department how you can start utilizing this tool to your benefit!