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Most operators and folks who have been around modern farm equipment are familiar with diagnostic trouble codes or DTC’s. Like the ‘check engine light’ that comes on in your car. Sometimes the causes of these codes are minor, and work can continue but other times whatever signaled the code is more serious and can lead to some unexpected and frustrating downtime.

Here’s the thing about DTC’s – they’re REACTIVE. They are a response to something that has already happened – low level of fluid to a high temperature reading for example. Damage could already be done. It would be a lot handier if a warning or a ‘heads up,’ could be given. Well – that’s exactly what Expert Alerts are.

After collecting an enormous amount of machine data, John Deere has been able to predict various potential failures through calculated algorithms. By monitoring the current machine status, if certain parameters are identified, then the customer’s partnering dealership will be notified and able to reach out to the customer to potentially troubleshoot a breakdown BEFORE it even happens. This is all made possible through the telematic connectivity technology utilizing the MTG’s on the equipment then various programs such as JDLink and Machine Dashboard.

Check out this example from one of our Goodland area customers of how Expert Alerts and their relationship with our Goodland Service Team utilizing Expert Connect as their main communication tool helps them stay up and running!

Contact your local American Implement dealership to see how and if Expert Alerts or Expert Connect as part of the Connected Support Solution offerings can help you out!