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While it may seem some of you are just wrapping up from wheat harvest this year, fall harvest is right around the corner. Never too soon to start preparing and implementing ideas to help make harvest go as smooth (and comfortable) as possible. Here are some potential upgrades available from John Deere through your American Implement Parts' Departments to help make harvest a whole new experience with minimal investment.

Check out these combine cab enhancements!

John Deere Combine Cab Enhancements

Here are a few ways to help make your life easier on those long harvesting days.

Kick back, relax and take in the views with foot pegs. Improve comfort while harvesting with this simple upgrade. Foot pegs are available from John Deere & A&I Products.


Add visibility to the grain tank on any S-Series Combine with this add-on mirror kit. Added visibility equals added reassurance from potential grain loss.


Those harvest nights can get chilly – help keep your feet warm with these heated floor mats. The floor mat conducts heat from an internal heating element. Your toes will thank you!



Help stay connected (or entertained) during the long harvest hours with these adjustable mobile device mounts. Enjoy hands-free access & improved viewing of your mobile device from the seat of your cab. These mounted brackets are adjustable, providing easy access without interfering with visibility or machine controls.

Easy-Install Accessories | John Deere Combine Cab - View Video!


Small PARTS Investments = Big Harvest Upgrades

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