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Looking to extend the life of your combine or increase it's trade-in value by protecting it from common ware and tear? Or are you facing tough crop conditions this coming fall harvest? Consider these aftermarket solutions!

Kondex® Revolution™ Half-Width Concaves

These concaves give more versatility to match varying crop conditions. Plus, their half-width size makes them light and easy to change and install. Available for S-Series and STS Combines. Two-piece bundle options are offered, as well as singles and six-piece configurations.

Corn Stalk Deflector

Today’s tough corn hybrids can be damaging to tires and tracks. John Deere-designed Stalk Deflectors sit behind each row to fracture corn stubble by pushing it down toward the ground. This reduces the chance of damage to the tires and tracks of the combine, as well as any other equipment taken into the field. They are lightweight and integrated directly into the frame. Available for MY12+.

Reel Tine Flip-Over


Reduce wrapping of crop material in tough, wet, vine type crops with the reel tine flip-over kit, which also increases the visibility to the front of the draper.

Row Max Gathering Chain Kit & Stalk Rolls Kits


Gathering Chain Kit
Make your corn head stronger—and last longer—with RowMax, a retrofit solution from John Deere. Durable RowMax row-units immediately seize crop and pull it into the auger. Increase harvest speeds with larger, deep conveying lugs to provide high levels of productivity.

Gathering chains, sprockets, and chain guides are all designed to provide extended wear life, minimize row unit repairs and maintenance, and extend the life of the corn head while reducing ownership costs.

Stalk Rolls:

RowMax stalk rolls, sprockets, and gathering chains size and spread residue and shatter stalks to kick-start your residue management program. Plus, RowMax kits give your current machine the performance of a new header without the price tag. RowMax boosts row unit life up to 50%. If you replace your worn stalk rolls with opposed or intermeshing stalk rolls, you’ll get an additional 25% more wear life.


Cornhead Active End Fenders
Cornhead Active End Fenders reduce harvest losses in downed or leaning stalks. They may be turned on and off.


Grain Saver Belt


Compared to traditional smooth draper belts, Grain Saver Belt retains free grain that may have shelled out as the plant fell onto the draper or because of reel contacting the crop.

Heavy Duty Separator Grate with Interrupters
A solution in high yielding corn and tough small grains and rice is the heavy-duty separator grate with interrupter bars. These interrupter bars are excellent at breaking apart corn husk and matted straw and they help reduce losses in the separator area.

The NEW HD Cast option became available in Fall 2022.

Belt Pickup Unit Crop Shield

The NEW Retrofit hardware and bracket kit to retrofit current crop shield BXE11257 to older 615P headers. The belt pickup crop shield reduces grain loss over the back in easy shelling crops like canola, reduces the buildup of residue on top of the feederhouse and prevents seeds from hitting the combine windshield. It is made from clear plastic to maintain visibility while harvesting.

HDR/HDF High Wear Skid Shoes
The NEW HDR/HDF High Wear Skid Shoes double the amount of material in key areas compared to standard for improved wear life. They are recommended for use in highly abrasive and/or rocky conditions.