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Buying a brand-new tractor can seem like the most attractive option for your farm, but beneath the surface, well-maintained used equipment can be just as great. Options are abundant on the market for nearly any piece of used equipment you need, and if you make the right selection, your equipment can be as good as new. Whether or not you should buy used or new depends on your line of work. There are clear distinctions between the two. But there are plenty of reasons to consider going the pre-owned route. Consider the following factors when shopping for a tractor that isn’t new, but new to you.

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One reason buying used equipment is a popular option is the overall lifespan of tractors. A well-maintained tractor can last for decades, especially if it's built with high-quality materials like John Deere tractors. John Deere tractors can give up to 25 years of good performance. That means buying John Deere tractors that are only a few years old can be great investments. All tractors will eventually reach an expiration date, but a good rule of thumb is to find something under 5,000 hours.


Since the equipment has been used, it’s important to determine whether the equipment is efficient enough to perform the tasks you need it for. That is why doing a thorough inspection of the equipment you’re eyeing is necessary. John Deere dealers such as American Implement have certified pre-owned programs for select equipment like Row Crop and 4WD tractors, which require a full inspection before being listed.


Purchasing a new tractor can have its challenges as you have to ensure availability, and undergo financing and registration. When buying a used tractor, the process is short and sweet, and in most cases, you can pick up your equipment the day of. There is also a wider range of what you can get that expands to multiple makes and models. 


Most farmer’s primary reason for buying used is the significantly lower price. New equipment depreciates quite a bit within the first few years of production. This provides an advantage to used equipment consumers allowing them to get fairly used equipment for a fraction of the original price. Even if you plan to sell your used equipment, you will likely be able to re-sell for close to what you paid for after the initial depreciation dip. 

A Seller You Can Trust

Where you purchase your used equipment is a huge factor in determining the condition of your equipment. To make the right selection you need a seller you can trust, and that’s where we come in. American Implement offers one of the largest selections of used equipment in Kansas and has multiple makes and models available. We have been a trusted source for farmers and ranchers for 50 years and would be happy to help you cater to the needs of your farm. Browse our catalog to see what we have in stock and the equipment that finds you can be an investment that reaps many rewards.

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