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The American Implement Full-Throttle Ag TECH Apprenticeship Program is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in breaking into the agricultural industry. As a proud sponsor of the John Deere Tech program, American Implement wants to allow an aspiring apprentice to not only become a John Deere certified technician but also gain valuable mentorship and career advancement opportunities. Here are some commonly asked questions about what American Implement offers for our Full-Throttle Apprenticeship program.

Who qualifies for this apprenticeship?

The Full-Throttle Ag Tech Program is open to any ambitious individual looking to receive proper training to become a certified service technician. The only requirement is a high school or equivalent diploma. 

What does the Full-Throttle Apprenticeship offer to students?

American Implement created the Full-Throttle Apprenticeship to give students full-fledged support in training so they can enhance their knowledge to the best of their ability. With the apprenticeship, students will receive full tuition support to attend the AG Tech Program at a qualifying college, as well as mentorship, on-the-job training, and more.

What areas of study will the students be trained in?

This program allows students to be trained on the latest equipment and technology while focusing on the following curriculum:

  • Powertrains

  • Hydraulics

  • Electrical

  • Ag Fuel Systems

  • Air Quality

  • Harvesting Equipment

  • Information Wgt Systems

  • Safety and Orientation

  • Dealer Internships

  • Engines

What schools are applicable?

American Implement will sponsor students who attend the John Deere AG Tech program offered by one of these qualifying schools:

What expenses does the Full-Throttle Apprenticeship cover?

To get the full benefits of the John Deere AG Tech program, the Full-Throttle Apprenticeship offers a full-ride scholarship to cover tuition and fees as well as room and board, having a value of up to $35,000. Each student will also receive an on-loan laptop to complete coursework.

Will this apprenticeship guarantee a job placement after graduation?

Yes! Students who complete the apprenticeship program will receive a 2-year associate’s degree, a certificate as Journey Workers through the Kansas Department of Labor, and a guaranteed job placement to start their chosen career path at American Implement.

For any additional questions surrounding the Full-Throttle Apprenticeship Program, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing [email protected] or by calling 1-620-258-0009. Don’t let this valuable opportunity pass you by, grow your career with American Implement and John Deere.