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Winter is the ideal time to give your tractor some TLC. It’s the offseason for many agricultural workers (and even you DIYers), so odds are your equipment will be tucked away for the season. Instead of putting it in storage and neglecting it until spring, invest in your tractor and operation by getting it serviced directly after the roar of the harvest season. Getting your tractor serviced this winter can benefit you in more ways than one--keep reading to discover how!


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Prevent Future Repairs

Servicing your tractor is an investment that pays off in the long run. Properly inspecting your equipment during the winter can bring to light any damage or issues before they become a big problem. At American Implement we have a team of certified technicians who use their expertise to identify problems overlooked by less-experienced technicians and ensure everything is operating at its highest capability. This preventative maintenance can save you the time and cost of hefty repairs, allowing you to have less downtime and extend the overall life of your tractor.

Get Ahead of the Spring Rush

In the spring, everybody is dusting their tractors and mowers off to get back in the field or lawn. Those who didn’t service their equipment in the winter will likely experience some hiccups that require getting their equipment inspected before getting to work. This can cause the service department at your local dealership to become quite busy during the spring, extending wait times and delaying your progress. Get ahead of the rush by booking in the winter, so all you have to do in the spring is dust off your equipment and get into action.

Save Money

Another advantage of taking care of your maintenance in the winter is taking part in all the winter service deals. American Implement offers the Tried and True Inspection program to make preventative maintenance easy and fit your budget. Our highly trained certified technicians will perform thorough inspections on your equipment and save you plenty with financing and multi-unit discounts available. You can also have peace of mind knowing your equipment is taken care of with the 12-month parts and labor warranty.

Don’t wait until spring. Take advantage of winter and book your service today! Contact us for more information on our Tried and True program or check out the comprehensive guide here.

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