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Soil Spotlight Intro

Posted by Kelley Baker on 29 March 2017


soil spotlight


Introducing the Soil Spotlight Blog by American Implement featuring Mandy Fox, CCA-CPAg. Mandy recently joined the American Implement Team as a Certified Crop Adviser and Certified Professional Agronomist. We're so excited to have her join the team because she has a wealth of knowledge to share. Along with this blog/vlog series, she'll be involved in service clinics, customer events, developing agronomic training, and creating a higher level of agronomic understanding for our staff and customers.



Several of the education topics she has planned for us include:

> Irrigation and Water Management Conservation
> Double Cropping Opportunities
> Residue Management and Erosion Control
> Using Yield Maps and Data for Planning,
> Chemigation
> Nutrient Cycles
> Crop Disease

If you have some topics that you would like Mandy to cover, please email us that topic and we will do our best to include in the Soil Spotlight blog, upcoming customer clinics and/or CROP articles.

Thanks for your interest in the Soil Spotlight - Stay Tuned!