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I understand that employment with American Implement, Inc. is at will and employees are free to resign at will at any time, with or without cause and that American Implement, Inc. may terminate the employment relationship at will at any time, with or without notice or cause. No American Implement, Inc. employee is authorized to enter into any agreement, oral or written, that changes the at-will relationship. Employment-at-will may not be modified by any statements contained in employment applications or other materials provided to applicants in connection with their employment.

I authorize American Implement, Inc., to contact and obtain information for references and background checks. I release American Implement, Inc. from liability for seeking such information and all other persons or entities for furnishing such information.

I certify the information provided in this application is true, complete and accurate. I understand that omissions or false or misleading information given in my application and/or interview process may prevent me from being hired; or, if discovered after hire, may result in termination.

All offers of employment shall be conditioned upon the applicant passing a drug screen for illegal drugs and/or controlled substances.
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