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9500pl.jpgZIMMATIC 9500PL
Increase your yields by making better use of your land with a 9500PL irrigation system. Apply the correct amount of water at the right time uniformly - in every part of your field. Furrow irrigation systems fall short in this area, providing too much water in some areas and not enough in others. But this easy-to-use, economical, and reliable hose-fed or ditch-fed system can replace your wheel-line or flood irrigation system for better results year after year.



9500l.jpgZIMMATIC 9500L
The design of Zimmatic's® lateral move systems allow farmers to irrigate up to 98 percent of a square or rectangular fields. With a choice of water supply and guidance systems, each lateral move system can be customized to individual needs and situations. Two- or four-wheel carts are available, depending on system requirements power can be supplied by an onboard diesel and generator set (plus onboard pump for ditch-fed systems) or by commercial power delivered through a heavy-duty, mining-type cable -Zimmatic lateral move irrigation systems can be guided by furrow, aboveground cable or buried-cable methods.