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Precision Ag Support Agreement

Our goal at American Implement is to meet your precision guidance and farming needs when you need us! As the precision farming industry continues to evolve, American Implement strives to meet the demands of our customers and lead the industry in the level of support we provide. Our Precision Ag Support Agreement builds upon the same great service that you have become accustomed to with John Deere and American Implement. We are committed to providing you with effective, cutting edge products and support that allows you to more efficiently and profitably run your farming operation.


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Items Not Covered Under Option Agreements

Problems resulting from misuse, improper use, or improper installation. Modifications, alterations, or changes made to the equipment. Items not specifically stated as covered in this agreement. Machine issues affected by AMS control but not related to the AMS system. Costs related to warranty deductibles or warranty repairs, such as freight or travel charges. John Deere Product Improvement Programs that may have prorated costs





This agreement is based on a 12-month term from the date of purchase.


Additional Fees:

Additional fees will be assessed for any work not falling within the benefits as outlined in this agreement. Any charges will be assessed at American Implement’s Standard Service Rate. On-Site visits more than 50 miles from any American Implement location will have all travel time and mileage charges applied.


For those without a Support Agreement:

Any customers choosing not to purchase the AMS Support Agreement will be subject to American Implement’s Standard Service Rate. If applicable, all travel time and mileage charges apply. These rates apply regardless of the nature of the support or the supporting personnel.





Contact Information

Primary contact for the AMS Support Agreement is as simple as calling your AMS Support Team, John Deere Greenstar Stellar Support, or American Implement’s Service Department. When contacting our service department, you will speak with our Service Writer and simply answer a few questions. We will then notify the AMS Support Team and they will contact you.


Under this agreement you will receive priority responses and based on call volume, you will be contacted as soon as possible. Our maximum allowable goal for responding is within 60 minutes. However, in extreme situations your patience will be greatly appreciated.


Hours of Service:

Services under this agreement are available to the customer during American Implement’s regular business hours of operation. Seasonal requirements (such as planting, harvest, and spray applications) of our customers will be considered as normal business operating hours. When contacting the Service Department Outside American Implement’s normal business hours, you may be subject to the standard service rates as listed.