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Precision Ag Specials

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 AMS Receiver Upgrade Promotion 2018 sm

Upgrade your John Deere StarFire 3000 receiver with RTK to the NEW John Deere StarFire 6000 receiver with RTK for $2600 and Receive $500.00 off your annual American Implement RTK Subscription for the 2019 year.

Program available from July 1st – August 31st; subject to change upon notice.
Contact your local Precision Ag Specialist for details. 


AgDNA Free 60 Day Trial 24x2


A tool that is diverse enough to help producers make agronomic decisions down to the Acre.




AgDNA “Pro” Package: $2,400.00 for 0 – 10,000 acres


Also Includes:


Additional Acres


Also Upgrade to:

JDLink™ Connect – FREE for John Deere Combines!

Now this is a great opportunity to leverage a connectivity tool that will help transform your farm operation for 2-years for FREE, yes absolutely free.JDLink Connect Combines FREE web




Is Your Machine JDLink™ Enabled & Expired?

3 Years JDLink™ Access + RDA on expired or expiring MTG 3G Terminals.
*Additional Options for 2G & Purchase of Expanded JDLink Connect Available. Some restrictions apply.

See Your Service Manager OR Precision Ag Specialist for Details!