American Implement

Right to Repair + Program

Right to Repair +

  • One-year Lease/subscription Agreement 
  • $4,210 Annual Subscription (software, laptop, and support). One additional laptop can be added for $925 per year. 
  • $1,377 One-time purchase of Machine Interface Kit (Includes 1 MIK).   Customer keeps this, and any of the other optional tools purchased. 
  • American Implements will provide the Laptops through an annual lease. Laptop a Dell Rugged 5420 Core I5, 8GB Ram, 512 GB SSD. 
  • If Laptop is damaged, 100% of the replacement will be covered by user.   
  • Laptops will be replaced end of every third year. 
  • American Implement will provide up to two hours of IT support after installation. After that IT questions will be billed at $85 per hour by the American Implement IT department.  
  • American Implement will also provide limited SA support. If the nature of the support becomes excessive, customer could be subject to labor charges at American Implement’s posted rate. 
  • No additional software or hardware can be added to the laptop. 
  • Customer Service Advisor requires approval from American Implement’s CEO and an authorized Deere & Company representative. 
  • Customer agrees that this product and service will only be used for equipment that they own, rent, or lease. This product and service shall not be used for the benefit of any other individual, entity, or business. 
  • Customer also agrees to recognize and abide by all terms and condition as set forth in the John Deere Service Advisor Customer Version Software License Agreement
  • Laptop is the property of American Implement and must be returned to American Implement once subscription is cancelled or if American Implement has not received payment. 
  • Payments must be in advance.  Payment must be cash, check, credit card, or John Deere Multi-use account. 
  • American Implement reserves the right to change program before each renewal. 

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