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John Deere Ag Tech

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The John Deere Tech Program was started in 1991 through a collaborative effort between the John Deere Company and GCCC. The purpose of the program is to create skilled technicians for employment in John Deere dealerships.


Program Curriculum

  • Powertrains

  • Hydraulics

  • Electrical

  • Ag Fuel Systems

  • Air Quality

  • Harvesting Equipment

  • Information Wgt Systems

  • Safety and Orientation

  • Dealer Internships

  • Engines


Admission and Selection into the Program

Students must meet the following requirements prior to enrolling in the John Deere Tech program at GCCC:


1. Successfully graduate from an accredited high school, private school or have your GED.

2. Complete an application for admission to Garden City Community College.

3. Submit all official transcripts, both high school and college to GCCC.

4. Schedule a campus visit and take necessary entrance exams, if applicable.

5. Be sponsored by a John Deere dealer prior to admission into the program.


Upon completion of the required steps, the student will then receive a verification letter in the mail from the program staff. If accepted, the student will then work with instructors to complete the enrollment process at GCCC.


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For more information contact:

Gabe Winger, JDAT Instructor

[email protected]

(620) 276-9512


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