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Weekly Targeted Specials

Dec 19, 2017, 16:26 PM by Kelley Baker

Don't miss out on the BIG tax savings benefits on new and used equipment purchased in 2017!  There are two key tax benefits you can take advantage of when purchasing new or used equipment:
1) Section 179 provides an allowable deduction limit of $510,000 on the cost of new and used capital equipment purchases. 
2) New equipment purchased in 2017 may qualify for 50% Bonus Depreciation. This rate drops to 40% in 2018, so plan your purchasing accordingly. 
The time buy is NOW! 50% Bonus depreciation expires on December 31, 2017.

Need help finding the BEST sales for year-end spending?  The equipment list below is a handpicked selection of premium used equipment featuring temporary bargain prices. Mention the "Targeted Special" pricing when you speak to Sales because these prices are so low they are not reflected on the main advertised listings. It's like our little secret. 

stk#67889 ‘14 JD 6170R MF AQ 1372...$112,000  only $103,500

Stk#63247  '13 JD 6150R MF TLS 573...$131,000  only $121,500

Stk#62794 ‘11 JD 4930 120’ 1308...$182,500 only $166,500

stk#61775 ‘01 AgChem 1254 90’ 3085...$56,000 only $47,500

stk# 49688 ‘08 JD 1770 NT 16R CCS...$69,500 only $59,500

stk#59878 ‘07 CIH 2800 Liq App 40’...$34,500 only $27,500

stk#58045 ‘09 JD 7850 KP 3517...$139,500 only $111,500

stk#59377 ‘13 JD 690 10R30 head....$84,500 only $67,500

Want to learn more about BIG tax savings benefits on new and used equipment purchased in 2017. See the video below for details: 


Hurry, these offers won't last long! 
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If you would like more information on how these benefits might impact you particular situation, consult a tax adviser.

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