American Integration


Precision Ag Technology is changing the farming industry. Only John Deere seamlessly connects people, equipment, and technology to give you an advantage.… and only American Implement with American Integration (AI) provides you with the most powerful farming tool from AgDNA.

  • Map Viewing. Easily digitize your entire farm right on your mobile. Use the boundary drawing feature or simply record fields using your device GPS.
  • Access to Spatial Data. Capture insights, record activities and generate reports using the powerful built-in AgDNA tools.
  • Field Work. Automatically synchronize and view your field machinery activity, including turn by turn navigation to all your field boundaries and scouting observations. Compatibility. All your data from your mobile phone or tablet is automatically synced to the cloud, which means you can view all your farming ` activity from any browser or any device.
  • Easy to Use Mobile App.
  • Scouting Observations. Mark out weeds, diseases, pests, and other information critical in maximizing your yields. Include photos and navigation coordinates to special observation areas, so everyone can quickly identify and locate issues that can disrupt your operation.
  • Constantly Evolving features